WYSIWYG real time render and edit engine.
Advanced Lighting system providing Area, Directional, Point and Spot lights.
Fast, intuitive, and real time Camera Calibration.
Powerful warping system that let you drop control points anywhere you need.
Complete horizontal and vertical edge blending to create seamless images.

3D Scene

3D Scene

The 3D Scene allows you to create primitives or import mesh objects from the CAD program of your choice and manipulate them in real-time.

Use the UV coordinates of meshes to render your video content as material.

If the projected surface doesn’t match precisely your 3D model, you can edit or deform the model directly in the 3D Scene.

Supported formats are OBJ, 3DS, STL, PLY, COLLADA.

Lighting System


The built-in lighting system gives you fine control over your media diffusion providing:

- Ambient Lighting
- Area Light
- Directional Light
- Spot Light
- Point Light

You get fine control on lighting colors, diffuse and specular intensity, range and opening, lights geometry, and much more.

Output Calibration


The Output Calibration Interface lets you drop reference control points directly on desired mesh objects vertices.

Start calibrating with a minimum of six control points.

Calibration is performed in real-time without requiring any content re-rendering.

Output Warp


MWM provides powerfull warping tools to allow you to deform your projected surface.

Generate a warp grid with the desired amount of slices on each axes.

Create a custom grid by droping control points in the Warp Interface.
Each control point create a vertical, horizontal, or both axes slice cut.

Output Edge Blending


MWM supports multiple screens (video projector, monitor, TV....).

If you use more than one video projector you'll want to create a seamless projected image.

MWM provides a simple and powerfull edge blending system.

Drag control points to adjust gradient and control per output gamma correction, brightness, saturation, contrast.



A complete masking system is provided to fully darken desired Output zones.

Mask shapes (triangle, quad, free form) are editable in real-time.

Media Matrix

Media Matrix

MWM Media Matrix supports video files (MOV and AVI) and still frames (bmp, jpeg, tiff, png...).

Open or drop multiple files on each media layer.

Take control of video playback, crop each media duration, adjust different playback mode (loop, once).

Use the Syphon to grab output from desired video player/media server etc (OSX only).



Use MIDI from any device or software to control MWM entire interface.

Send MIDI out so your MIDI device is updated by your actions.

Save and load MIDI mapping independently of your project.

When loading a MIDI mapping file, the controlers and channels are remapped and reindexed, this way your MIDI mapping can fit multiple projects.

Advanced user can directy update the XML formated MIDI mapping file.

[TIP] Map multiple properties to the same controler to update them synchronously.